About us


Africare announced that it was sunsetting its operations in 2020.

Through the generosity of donors, Africare led investment of nearly $2 billion in Africa since its inception in 1970. Together, Africare and its donors provided vital assistance to tens of millions of men, women, and children across the African continent for 50 years. Through direct community engagement, all have gained a unique perspective.  This allowed Africare to develop a holistic approach to partnering with African people to build sustainable, healthy, and productive communities. 


Sunsetting of Africare, Sunrise of PanAfricare and Friends of PanAfricare.

A new, autonomous organization based on Africare’s values and mission launched in July of 2020 in Dakar, Senegal. The organization will be called PanAfricare. It will be an entirely Africa-based international organization.

A new, autonomous U.S.-based organization,  Friends of PanAfricare, officially opened in 2022 to support the work with similar missions to improve the lives of Africans in health, agriculture, nutrition, youth, and the empowerment of women.


The next chapter

We believe that every helping hand can improve lives and build better futures in Africa.

We want to be the vital organization helping to solve problems facing people in the communities in Africa. 

We work with organizations and side by side with local communities in Africa to bring value and know-how to bear to assist in solving problems in agriculture, food security, nutrition, and health.  We work on empowering women and youth.

Our approach

Our Mission
To partner and empower local communities across sub-Saharan Africa.
Our Vision
To create sustainable programs in health and nutrition, infant and adolescent care, agriculture and food security, water management, and resilence.
Our Partners